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Complete waste management Solutions


Waste Management
for Homes & Community

We provide door to door, floor to floor waste collection, segregation and processing in our OWC Plant to convert waste into rich compost or manure. Moreover our labs are well-equipped for compost analysis and test services. Call us to know how you can help us reducing waste and contributing towards a greener tommorow


Waste Management
for Industry & Corporates

Industrial Waste management is a complex and highly specialised process. We help Industries by providing innovative solutions for effective waste disposal system and reducing their carbon footprint. For Corporates we provide complete waste management system on turnkey basis: installation-management and running of OWC Plants.


On Call: Mobile Waste

Have a bunch of organic waste, but are not sure how to dispose it, or need to dispose electronic waste or other hazardous waste. Just give us a call and our Mobile Waste Disposal Unit will arrive at your place. If its Organic waste the, we can process and give you back the organic Manure generated by our advanced OWC Mobile Unit.



Horticultural Services

We provide complete horticultural services from concept, design, construction, managing and maintenance of Green spaces. Our consultants can give you insights on development of Green buildings with incorporation of Vertical, Terrace and Rooftop gardens


Organic Farming

Organic farming relies on the principle of managing naturally occurring biological cycles to provide soil fertility and control weeds, pests and diseases instead of using agrochemicals. You dont need to own a piece of land to have your organic garden: We help you utilize your Terrace, Roof and Balcony into a Urban Organic farm.


Facility Management Services

We provide complete housekeeping services, facility management, security management and resource management on turnkey basis as per your needs. From Online to Offline delivery of A-Z household goods and to managing and executing Events


Organic Waste convertor

Organic Waste Convertor

SVM brings you the world best patented Organic Waste Treatment system. The System is specially designed to turn your Kitchen waste, garden waste and food processing waste into Organic Compost, thus reducing the organic waste going to landfill.

A very easy to operate system, the system can be installed and operated with minimal training provided by us.

  3 Steps and ready to use Organic Manure in 10 Days

OWC machines can handle waste upto 2MT per day. We also provide customised solutions for bigger projects.

Ideal Solution for:



 Clubs & Resorts

 Group Housings

 Institutional Campuses

 Industrial Canteens

 Municipal Corporations

BIONEER: Automatic Organic Waste Convertor

Bioneer is a revolutionary automatic waste converter machine that has the potential to change how the world treats its organic waste. Just feed in your waste into Bioneer and extract the manure in just 24 hours. Bioneer's efficient conversion and ease of use makes it possible for millions such as you to make the environmentally and socially responsible choice of organic waste conversion.

  Waste to Organic Manure in 24 Hours.

OWC machines can handle waste upto 2MT per day. We also provide customised solutions for bigger projects.


Single and Double Curing System

Curing Systems

Maintain perfect moisture and keep track of your compost as it cures, with Excel's Curing systems. Durable and ergonomically designed, Excel’s curing systems are indispensible to making your composting project a success.

A very easy to operate system, the system can be installed and operated with minimal training provided by us.

With Automatic Fogging System.

Capacity Available:

 Single: 100 Kg

 Double:200 Kg

Sanitary Vending Machine

Sanitary Vending Machine and Incinerator

SVM Infraestate is vending franchisee of HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL), a Mini Ratna public sector undertaking under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.The HLL launched Automated Vending machine for Sanitary napkins & Incenerator products.

These machines will also contribute to social cause of addresses issues with women hygiene leading to overall women health. HLL Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines will be a boon for IT Corporate, Offices & factories, Export houses, Hospitals / Nursing Homes etc employing women and also for Girls schools, colleges, hostels.

These machines are useful in places where lot of women / girls visit for shopping / movies / eateries like Hotels/Tourist Centres, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, etc.

Sanitary Incinetor


Organic Waste Converter


OWC Project (APMC Dehradun)


7 Steps: A Guide to
Organic Garden

7 Steps to Organic Garden

Waste Management Strategy for Group Housing

Waste Management for Group Housing

Urban Organic Farming: The Future

Waste Management for Group Housing


Find how we have made a difference in the lives of people and society as a whole; towards a better, healthier and greener tommorow.

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