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Pavitram: Welcome Cowdung Traditions

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

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Abstract: The cases of cow slaughtering are increasing day by day and the Pavitram movement is an initiative towards improving the conditions of Gaushala and making our holy animal self-dependent. Thus, decreasing the number of cows being slaughtered. Pavitram SVM produces a variety of products such as Cowdung Diya, Dhoop & Sambrani Cups that are made up of Cow dung and other Natural products, free from all the other chemicals. The Pavitram products are affordable, easily available and also contribute towards sustainable development. By using these products, you're not only saving thousands of cows but also re-creating the aura of your household/Workplace.

Figure1: Pavitram Cowdung products

Looking at the current scenario of increasing cases of cow slaughtering, SVM infraestate started a new initiative named ‘Pavitram’, that aims to produce different products of cow dung and help in empowering the Gaushala's to prohibit cow slaughtering. In the Hindu religion, we just don’t worship and are not limited to Gods and Goddesses, we strongly believe in the worship of nature and animals. You have often heard that there are a lot of festivals and ceremonies in which different trees are worshipped, and in the same manner, different animals also play significant roles in our faith and beliefs. The worship of the Cow can be traced back to Vedas, where the holy cow is associated with Aditi, the mother of all the Gods and Goddesses. But in recent years, we have heard of a plethora of cases about cow slaughtering.

India is in 2nd place in milk production and generates plenty of income from selling cow milk, but when the cow becomes old, their owners don’t want to invest in them anymore. They become a liability for their owners and in many cases, they sell the old cows to slaughters. This is not just against the violation of animal’s rights but it’s also a hurtful switch for millions of Hindus. In the year 2020, the government of India has taken the initiative towards preservation and protection of cows by making a separate commission for them who takes necessary steps in protecting cows and interdiction of cow slaughtering.

SVM infraestate is one of the reputed Waste Management Consultancy providing end-end Waste solutions that aim to ‘To change our life for better, forever, by providing the best strategies to manage waste, promote sustainable development and organic waste collection.

Recently, SVM infraestate started a new project named ‘Pavitram to promote the well-being of cows and decrease the ratio of cows getting slaughtered. The SVM team noticed the oppressed condition of old cows across the city and started this initiative that will help numerous Gaushala to become self-dependent and generate income from cow-dung products.

Figure 2: Inauguration Day of Pavitram Products

The SVM Infraestate started the initiative of Pavitram in July 2021 and was inaugurated in Daurala, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The manufacturing unit has been established in Noida, and here are all the hand-made products. These are made from cow dung with 10+ other Natural Ingredients. On the day of the inauguration, Management members of SVM infraestate, EOI & Chief Officers along with a few people from Nagar Panchayat were present & gave their blessings in this marvellous initiative. Later on, they also distributed free Cow Dung Manure & Cow Dung Products to people present at the inauguration & nearby. Cow Dung is very beneficial as manure because it’s free from all kinds of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and it ensures that the soil remains healthy and also helps friendly microorganisms to grow. Apart from all these benefits, the cow dung manure removes all the impurities from the environment and you just feel a positive environment everywhere. The Shudh Cow Dung products are pure and free from any kind of chemicals.

In the ‘Pavitram’ project, cow dung is used to make a variety of products including cow dung Diya, Sambrani cup, Cow Dung dhoop, cow dung dhoop stand, Cowdung Hawan Kund, cow dung manure, cow dung Laxmi, and Ganesh statue and many more products. All these products are also available in different combo boxes such as Cowdung diya combo, all in one combo box, Rakhi Box, Diya Box, and many more. All these products are organic and directly help in the development of the rural economy. Pavitram cow dung products bring all the positive energy, remove Vastu dosh, good health and education, and prosperity in wealth. It improves your Karmas and fills your life with spirituality. You can buy these products for your household use as well as give them as gifts to any of your relatives or friends.

Figure 3: Making of Natural Cow Dung Products

As we know, most of the products in the market contain a large number of chemical substances that are not only harmful to us but also continuously degrading the environment. By using sustainable and organic products that are made up of cow dung, you’re saving yourselves as well as contributing towards the protection of the environment. Buying these products will also help in reducing cow slaughtering and your small contribution can save the lives of numerous cows. Pavitram products are made with all the safety and are quite affordable for most of the customers. The Pavitram project is also trying to empower the Gaushala’s, so they can afford the food and shelter of old cows and cow slaughtering will be fully removed from our country.

Our Shastras also treated cows as God, and many people worship cows as God, so we should also take action in doing practical work. Utilizing cow dung products ensures the preservation of our culture and heritage and we can make our society proud. India is the only country in the entire world, where we celebrate the worships of nature and all living beings. It’s time to prove that our culture and values remain preserved for years for future generations. The Pavitram products help you in regaining the aura of your household/workplace and spreading positive vibes everywhere.

Buy Pavitram Products - Cowdung Products

Star Cowdung Diya - Deepak

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