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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

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Abstract: - As we all know that the festival season is at its peak, so why not this year use some new products that are free from chemicals and bring positive energy to your household. SVM Infraestate has launched a new project named 'Pavitram' that aims to produce cowdung products for the well-being of cows and spread happiness, peace, and love everywhere. They offer a variety of cowdung products including the all-in-one combo pack, cowdung dhoop combo, cowdung Diya combo, designer Diya combo, Sambrani cup combo, shudh cowdung manure, and a festival combo box. You can buy these products for your household and even gift them to your loved ones and spread spiritual energy and prosperity everywhere.

The culture and heritage of our country taught us to worship everything around us, whether it be plants, animals, or other natural things. Even in Vedas, many trees and animals were treated equivalent to God and Goddess, and the Cow is one of the holiest animals. We get a lot of products of our daily use from cows including milk, ghee, and many more dairy products. In addition to this, cowdung and urine are also used to produce a lot of products in the market such as manure, diya’s, agarbatti, and many more products. Many people even think how products made of dung can improve their health? Well, the answer is so obvious. The products that are made up of cowdung are free from all kinds of chemicals that keep your environment free from all kinds of viruses and bacteria and even help you in improving your health. The use of Cowdung to produce different products is not something new, it's been happening in our country for centuries and people have faith in those products. The Cowdung products bring positive vibes and prosperity and help you in leading a healthy lifestyle. Here, we're listing down a few of the most significant advantages of cowdung products: -

Pavitram cowdung products of SVM Infraestate has a lot of unique qualities including accumulation of positivity in your surroundings, removal of all the Vastu dosha, increment in your health and wealth, and these products also bring the blessings of Maa Durga and solve all your issues. The cowdung products of SVM Infraestate are made up of pure Gobar that helps in bringing all the positive and spiritual energy.

● Free from all kinds of chemicals: - Cowdung products are free from all kinds of chemicals and even it's eco-friendly because it doesn't cause any negative impact on the environment. The Cowdung products even open new opportunities to recycle the waste.

●Disinfectant properties: - Another important benefit of cowdung is its disinfectant properties. The cowdung has the unique features to disinfect the viruses and other microorganisms around you, therefore cowdung products are also used to purify the environment around you and bring positive energy.

● Health benefits: - there are several health benefits of cowdung products. When cowdung is used as manure it enriches the fertility of the soil and you get food that is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It ultimately helps you in leading a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

The Cowdung products not only help us in getting the best products that benefit our health but also help the Gaushala’s to become self-reliant and we also contribute towards the development of small-scale industry. In addition to all these benefits, this also helps to reduce the cases of cow slaughtering and therefore to make a great impact for this cause, SVM Infraestate recently launched their project named 'Pavitram'. Through this project, they aim to bring peace, love, and prosperity around us as well as also want to contribute towards the well-being of cows.

The Pavitram project is launched in July 2021, and here a variety of cowdung products are made that are free from all chemicals and benefits for your household. As we all know, the festival season is just on its way, so you can buy and use cowdung products to bring positive vibes, peace, and prosperity to your household. The SVM Infraestate has produced a variety of cowdung products for the festival season including all in one combo pack, cowdung dhoop combo, cowdung Diya combo, designer Diya combo, sambrani cup combo, shudh cowdung manure, and a festival combo box.

In this festival season, you can use these products in your household to contribute towards the well-being of holy cows as well as bring good health, wealth and education, positive energy, and remove all the toxic air from your surroundings. Some of the most exciting combos are: -

●Festival Combo and Cowdung Diya: - In this festival season, you definitely need the festival combo that includes chawal & pili Sarso, 5 Sambrani cups, Haldi, Sindoor & Roli, Laung & Elichi, Kapoor & Supadi, Kalava & Janeau, 4 cotton batti, 10-20 Cowdung dhoop, 12 + 3 small Diya, 3 big Diya, Shubh-labh. You can also try a set of Cowdung diya pack that includes 12 Pavitram diyas.

●Dhoop and Sambrani cup: - the Dhoop box includes 250-270 dhoop sticks and the Sambrani cup box includes 6 Pavitram Sambrani cups and 20 cowdung dhoop.

●All in one rakhi combo: - It includes 4 small diyas, one designer diya, subh-labh, 2 Sambrani cups, 2 cowdung dhoop, 2 cowdung dhoop stands, and 2 beautiful Rakhis.

● Manure: - the manure is available in both solid and liquid form and it's available in different sizes from 100 grams to 10 kg and more according to your need. It's the best fertilizer for all your home plants and ensures the healthy growth of your plants.

This Festival Season it's a good chance to spread positive energy everywhere with Cowdung products. You can even gift these products to your family and friends on different auspicious days like Diwali and other festivals. All these products are environment-friendly and affordable for all of us and this step brings a positive change to your family and enhances your aura and prosperity with all spiritual energy.

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