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NYZME FOLIAR spray provides nutritional value to The plant It is made up of natural organic matter, sea weeds a. Neem oil which contains Nimibidol and makes soil fertile and protects plant roots from nematode, soil grubs and white ants. Nyzme Foliar helps in microbial degradation of organic matter and i6 chelating effects facilitate translocation of macro and micro nutrient, present in soil. It also enhances shoot formation in new plants. The liquid solution is easy and convenient to spray. 


Size - 250ml


How to use?

  1. 5-6 Drops in One Litre of Water.
  2. Spary Over all Plants once a Month

NYZME FOLIAR (Natural Nutrition)

₹250.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
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    Mission - To provide a complete solution for organic waste collection, segregation, processing at the site (bulk waste generator), like group housing society, corporate houses, industrial houses, institutions, RWA (resident welfare associations), Hotels, etc.

    Currently working on well being of cows by deleveloping self-dependent models for them

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