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Our Home composting unit, perfect for a family of 4-5 members. It simply converts 1000 gm of kitchen waste every day into nutrient-rich fertilizer without any foul smell, keeping 18000 kgs of waste out of landfills every year. It is the ideal composter to help you start waste management at home and do your part to help Swachh Bharat because it makes composting visible, beautiful and doable. Do join us in our Community - @Gogreen_athome.


Product Description:

  • Ideal for Home composting in Small families.
  • Aesthetically designed, functionally designed to compost all your kitchen and food waste.
  • Hassle free, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to convert your organic waste to organic manure. Eco-friendly and Convenient materials used.


How to Compost at Home?

Composting procedure with Our Product:

  • Use first bin (Small) for COLLECTING Biodegradable Waste in your Kitchen. After it is filled, Sprinkle BIOCULUM on top of it.
  • Then pour its waste in the other bin (BIG) which you can kept in your Balcony/Garden. After that again Sprinkle some BIOCULUM on top of it.
  • Then Spread 1 inch of SOIL/DRY COCOPEAT on it, Close the led.
  • Now again repeat step 1 & 2.
  • Sprinkle BIOCULUM on it, then Spread 1 inch of SOIL/DRY COCOPEAT. Repeat the process until the BIG bin fills up.
  • Fresh Organic Wet Manure will be ready in 12-15 Days. Happy Composting!

What not to add?

Do not add Coal Ash, fish, meat, dairy products, bones, fatty foods or grease to your compost pile. Also, avoid weeds, which produce abundant seeds, because they may not be killed during the composting process. Don't add pet stool or used kitty litter.

Home Compsoting Kit

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    Marble Surface

    About Us

    Mission - To provide a complete solution for organic waste collection, segregation, processing at the site (bulk waste generator), like group housing society, corporate houses, industrial houses, institutions, RWA (resident welfare associations), Hotels, etc.

    Currently working on well being of cows by deleveloping self-dependent models for them

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