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Organic Waste Convertor

SVM Organic Waste Converter (OWC) is a pioneering compost machine which offers easy, fast, and efficient treatment to your segregated organic waste. Our patented system rapidly processes organic waste into rich compost. The system is easy to install and requires minimal training for operation. Excel was the first to introduce an OWC in 2007.

  • A very easy to operate system, the system can be installed and operated with minimal training provided by us.
  • 3 Steps and ready to use Organic Manure in 10 Days
  • OWC machines can handle waste upto 2MT per day. We also provide customised solutions for bigger projects.


OWC 300

  • Daily Treatment Capacity : 800 - 1500 kg
  • Batch Size : 120 kg
  • Total Connected Load in HP : 13.5 HP
  • Dimension : 2010 mm x 1485 mm x 1370 mm
  • Available in both SS & MS model



    Ideal Solution for:

    • Hotels, Hospitals, Clubs & Resorts, Group Housings, Institutional Campuses, Industrial Canteens, Municipal Corporations

    Organic Waste Converter (OWC 300)

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      About Us

      Mission - To provide a complete solution for organic waste collection, segregation, processing at the site (bulk waste generator), like group housing society, corporate houses, industrial houses, institutions, RWA (resident welfare associations), Hotels, etc.

      Currently working on well being of cows by deleveloping self-dependent models for them

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      Office No-05, 2nd Floor, A-Square Mall, Sector 73, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306


      +91-8076858966 (10am-6pm)


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