Ballistic Separators by SVM Infraestate - Swachh Vande Mission

Abstract:- The problem of waste mismanagement becomes a crucial issue for all of us and it leads to the depletion of the environment. With the advancement in technology the consumption and generation of waste also increased. Now, it has become a serious issue for all of us, but it’s not too late. We can still change our practices and stop degrading the earth. One of the main contributions that you can make is to practice waste management in your household. SVM Infraestate has launched a new project named Swachh Vande Mission that helps you to segregate waste in your household. The Ballistic separator of SVM Infraestate helps you to separate all 2-D and 3-D waste and make your place safe and clean.

Figure 1: Ballistic Separator Working Plant, Installed by SVM Infraestate

As technology is rapidly growing day-by-day, the world is also suffering from different issues, including the most crucial problem of waste management. According to one of the recent studies, India produces almost 62 million tonnes of waste each year, and there are hundreds of countries like India that produce unlimited waste every year. With the progress of the modern world, the living standard of people also enhanced, and it ultimately led to the increment of consumption of goods and also an increase in waste around the world. The problem is not just an increment in waste, it’s how to manage it. Waste management is one of the main issues faced by everyone, and there’s a sudden need to tackle the issue of waste management. Most people think that it’s the responsibility of the government to take care of all the issues related to waste management, but we shouldn’t forget that we are the people whose actions contributed towards the generation of waste, and therefore it’s the responsibility of each individual to taken care of all the waste that we generate in our household. There are a lot of techniques through which we can separate different kinds of waste in our household. A few of the significant benefits of waste segregation in our households and organization are:-

  • Organization of your household:- the most important factor of segregation of waste at your household is that it helps in the organization of your household. All the waste in your household is separately maintained and you can easily keep your household and organization clean with little effort.

  • Promote health and sanitation:- health and sanitation is the concern of everyone and at every place. Whether you’re in any office, factory, or house, sanitation is our main priority. By segregation of waste, you can ensure that your office or house remains clean and you always remain safe from any kind of disease and health issues.

  • Enhance community health:- segregation of waste not only helps you in maintaining sanitation and health at your household, and office but also improves the health of the community. When everyone keeps all kinds of waste segregated, every place remains safe and clean and it ultimately leads to the enhancement in the health of every individual and even animals in a community.

  • Improve the environment condition:- we all are aware that the mismanagement of waste is one of the main reasons for environmental degradation. When we don’t segregate waste and throw garbage here and there, it also contributes to pollution in the environment and becomes the reason for the degradation of the earth. Therefore, your small contribution can bring a great change to society.

Figure 2: Working Ballistic Separator

In addition to the steps taken by the government for waste management, other organizations are also contributing towards waste management. SVM Infraestate is one of the well-known waste management and consultancy companies that aim to contribute to making a better world for all of us. The mission of SVM Infraestate is to provide a complete solution for organic waste separation and waste management. SVM Infraestate makes its reputation while working with several famous organizations such as CBRE, HCL, Delhi Metro, Supertech, and many more. Recently the SVM Infraestate has launched a new project named Swachh Vande Mission’, through which they want to contribute towards the Green India mission. Through the ‘Swachh Vande Mission,’ the SVM Infraestate is providing waste solutions to housing societies, corporate houses, industrial houses, and RWA to segregate and manage waste. SVM Infraestate launched Ballistic separators that are designed to separate all the 2-D and 3-D waste. The ballistic separator has the capacity to sort even fine particles with the help of optical variable screen openings. Ballistic separators are better than regular screening devices because of their fine quality to separate every kind of waste through sorting and even have lower operational costs than screening devices.

Figure 3: Waste Segregation Capacity

The ballistic separator of SVM Infraestate can separate all the waste into three units. With the help of optical screen opening it collects light objects like wrappers, clothes and papers, heavy objects such as metal, coconut shells, etc, and minus particles that are smaller than other materials. There are a variety of benefits such as adjustable paddles to separate several items, consuming less energy to separate things, having higher efficiency to separate waste, low operational cost, and requiring no or very little number of people to operate it. In addition to all these benefits, the parts of Ballistic separators are replaceable and easy to maintain. We all should remember that our small contribution towards the protection of the environment can make a great impact, therefore we all should practice waste segregation and management in our household to bring a change and help in making the world a better place to live. You can buy ballistic separators from SVM Infraestate and safely practice waste management at your household and office.


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