Rising Unsegregated Waste: Start Composting at Home

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Abstract: - The problem of waste segregation has been continuously increasing with the increasing population and economic growth. It's not only the role of government bodies to take initiative and steps towards managing the waste, but community participation is also necessary. SVM Infraestate Pvt Ltd has taken the responsibility in providing effective methods to Waste Management through their Swachh Vande Mission. Through this mission, they are spreading awareness among the general public about the importance of Waste Management and also teaching them how to practice home composting. They have also launched a Home Composting kit that has all the necessary products for home composting and it converts the home waste into manure. This initiative not only helps the general public in managing their waste but also helps farmers in getting organic fertilizer.

The increasing population and the continued economic growth bring a lot of change to our country. As the per capita income of people rises, their expenses on buying different things also rise, and the more product they buy the more is the waste generation.

According to one of the recent researches, every year India generates 62 million tons of waste, and the waste is not properly managed. Due to poor waste management, a lot of issues come up like an increase in greenhouse gases, different diseases, and even environmental deterioration. Poor waste management adversely affects the environment and causes a lot of challenges in the environment. The sudden rise in global warming is also one of the effects of poor waste management practices all over the world, and countries like India, which is the second-largest country in the world in terms of population, also contribute to the depletion of the environment. Most of the time, it’s noticed that the problem of waste management is more in urban cities than the rural bodies because the per capita income and consumption are directly proportional.

Figure 1: Unsegregated Waste in India

The urban local bodies (ULBs) are responsible for the management of waste but they don’t even receive the proper fund, and infrastructure for the management of waste, and corruption in the system is another debatable topic. The ULBs are responsible for most of the aspects related to waste management such as collecting the waste, segregation, transportation of waste, recycling, and other processes, but community participation also plays a major role in waste segregation. In the end, all of us have to suffer from the consequences of poor waste management. Some of the major problems due to poor waste management are: -

● Effect on health: - one of the main consequences of poor waste management techniques is on our health. In one of the recent studies, it’s found that there are more than 22 diseases that are directly associated with poor waste management, and some of the common diseases that arise every year like Malaria, and dengue are also a result of the defective management of waste.

● Effect on the environment: - the depletion of the earth is not a new phenomenon and as the year passes, the temperature of the earth also rises and that's an effect of an increase in greenhouse gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulphuric dioxide, and many more. Due to this soil, water and air and many other kinds of pollution arise, that ultimately affect us.

● Effect on people associated with waste picking: - people associated with waste picking are also adversely affected by poor waste management and lack of infrastructure.

The landfills of waste are not doing properly and it creates a plethora of issues. One of the most important aspects through which the issue can be tackled is community awareness, if people segregate the waste in their household itself, then half of the issue is already solved. Some of the organizations are taking steps towards improving the current condition, and SVM Infraestate significantly contributes towards waste management through their Swachh Vande Mission. SVM Infraestate is one of the well-known waste management and consultancy enterprises in India. Its mission is to provide organic solutions to waste collection, segregation, and management solutions. SVM Infraestate wants to bring a positive change in society and they believe that together we can create a society that is sustainable for all of us. Recently they have launched a project named, “Swachh Vande Mission” to improve the condition of waste management in our country. Through this mission SVM Infraestate wants to provide a complete solution for waste collection, segregation, and processing in an organic manner.

Figure 2: SVM Home Composting Kit

In the Swachh Vande Mission, the SVM Infraestate has made a home composting kit that is an ideal option for the segregation of waste and its management for small households. The Home composting kit is aesthetically designed in a manner to easily compost all your kitchen and food waste. The Home composting kit of SVM Infraestate is easy to use and maintain, free from any kind of hassle, and in addition to all these benefits convert your food waste into organic manure and other materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Home composting kit includes 2 kinds of Dustin for collecting wet waste and dry waste, composting guide, the reservoir for big bins (storing liquid fertilizer), compost (½ kg), and Bioculum (rapid composting) and sanitreat for removing the odor from the waste. The composting guide will help you in understanding the basic details about how to effectively manage the waste of your household. The Home composting kit also mentioned the details about which waste is not thrown in the composting kit.

Figure 3: Process of Waste Segregation through our Home Composting Kit

Home composting not only helps you in effectively collecting and segregating the waste of your home but also helps in preparing manure for farming. These organic manures are free from all kinds of chemicals and help in enriching the soil and increasing the productivity of crops. One single step towards a mission can bring a change, and you can just start that one step now. The Home composting kit of SVM Infraestate is affordable and easy to use, and even well-efficient to manage the waste of our household. The community plays an important role in all aspects of society, and waste management is significant for all of us, so you can buy the home composting kit anytime and fulfill your responsibility as a human being and an aware citizen.

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