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Gauraksha: Cows protection in India & Pavitram Cowdung Products

Abstract:- The problem of cow slaughtering has been recently increasing in our country, the place where cows are given the same importance as God. The old cows who are not able to give milk don't receive proper food, care, and shelter, and become the victim of cow slaughtering. But, the situation can be changed with our small contribution. SVM Infraestate has done a contribution through the Pavitram mission where they offer a variety of Pavitram cowdung products which are made up of pure cowdung, and it helps in making our holy Cows Independent, which ultimately lead towards the Gauraksha mission. We all must try these fabulous ranges of Pavitram cowdung products to bring spirituality and positivity to your household.

Figure 1: Cows hurdle

We all are aware that cows are not just an animal for millions of people. Cows are treated as God and associated with devotion and veneration. The worship of cows and treating them as God is not something new that we just see these days, all the Old Hindu holy texts like Vedas, Upanishad, etc, talk about the worship of cows and had given them the same position as God. The sentiments of millions of people are associated with the Holy cow and even many Hindu call cows ‘Gau Mata’, which clearly indicates their attachment and devotion towards cows. Although, the cows are not treated the way they should, and cow slaughtering has been seen as one of the most significant concerns about Gauraksha. Every year, there are various cases of cow slaughtering in different parts of the country, and it not only harms cows but also hurts the sentiments of many Hindus who symbolize cows as their mother. The main issue is with those cows who become old and can’t produce milk anymore, those cows have not been properly taken care of by the farmers, and they don’t get shelter and food, and later on, this leads to cow slaughtering. Various cases of cow slaughtering have been observed in recent years, and it has become a major concern against cow protection.

Figure 2: Cows Protection

Recently, a National cow commission has been made by the central government to protect cows from slaughtering, and help in their development. Most of the time, it’s observed that only those cows have been taken care of properly who produces milk, and old cows have remained unattended and they just roam around the roads without any food and shelter, therefore the commission is also promoting various business model in addition to dairy and farmers and other people are receiving additional support and encouragement to start the non-milk business. The prohibition of cow slaughtering is not just the responsibility of the government, we as people can also contribute towards the ban of cow slaughtering in our country, and there are several organizations, who are working towards improving the condition of cows and also protecting them. SVM Infraestate is one of the well-reputed who is working towards the Gauraksha mission through their ‘Pavitram’ project.

Figure 3: Pavitram Cowdung Products

Recently, SVM Infraestate launched their Pavitram project for Gauraksha and they are trying to spread prosperity, love, and peace with Pavitram cowdung products and put forward a self-dependent model for the well-being of cows. In 1966, almost 100 members from the parliament had signed a petition for banning cow slaughtering in our country and initiated the Gauraksha mission, and now SVM Infraestate is trying to put forward the same mission of Gauraksha through project Pavitram, where they sell different cow dung products to help Gaushalas to become self-reliant. SVM Infraestate offers a variety of Pavitram cowdung products including cowdung Diya, cowdung sambrani cup, cowdung dhoop, cowdung havan kund, and many more products. Some of the most famous combo packs are:-

  1. Cowdung Diya combo:- In the Pavitram cowdung Diya combo box, you get 12 diyas that help you to remove all kinds of negative energy and toxic air from your surroundings. Another significant benefit of cowdung diya is that it helps in killing all the harmful bacterias and viruses and spreading positive and spiritual vibes all around your house.

  2. Cowdung Dhoop combo:- the cowdung dhoop combo you get 250-270 dhoop sticks that are made up of pure cowdung, Multani mitti, aloe vera juice, and other pure materials to bring prosperity, spirituality, and peace all around your environment, and you must use them in all the poojas and other auspicious occasions.

  3. Sambrani cup combo:- The sambrani cup combo contains 6 Pavitram sambrani cups and 20 Pavitram cowdung dhoop. It definitely helps you to remove all the bad energy and clears all your karmas.

All the Pavitram cowdung products are made up of shudh cowdung and other natural ingredients that help you remove harmful air, bacteria, and viruses from your surroundings, and bring every kind of positivity to your household. It also attracts good health, wealth, and education and clears all your karmas. By using Pavitram cowdung products, you are not only bringing spirituality to your household but also contributing towards the Gauraksha mission because the cases of cow slaughtering can be reduced with your small contribution. These combo packs of diyas, dhoop, and sambrani cups can be used on different auspicious occasions and you can also give them as gifts to your loved ones to spread love and prosperity.

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